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How to Get and Use the Force Gun in Dead Space Remake

Ironically, not the dealiest force to be reckoned with.

by Shawn Robinson

Throughout your playthrough of Dead Space Remake, you’ll come across all sorts of equipment that Isaac can repurpose as offensive weapons. Take the Plasma Cutter for example, which has a clear purpose for the Ishimura’s mission but can do some serious tissue damage. The final gun you can score is earned later in the game, though might be missed if you aren’t searching the world. Here’s how to get and use the Force Gun in Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find and Use the Force Gun in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Force Gun Location
Image via Prima Games

Before you can get the Force Gun, you’ll want to make your way to Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard and towards the Hydroponics sector. You should proceed through the level as normal until you come across a room named West Seedling Room A. Head inside, and you’ll find yourself the Force Gun sitting peacefully on the floor ready for Isaac to pick up. If you’ve been collecting the other weapons too, you’ll also get the Full Arsenal achievement for owning every weapon in the game.

The Force Gun itself takes on a supporting role to the rest of Isaac’s arsenal. Firing it will send out a kinetic blast, knocking down enemies in the path of its shockwave. If you decide to pull out the alt-fire though, you’ll create a gravity well to pull nearby necromorphs in. This makes it a great (and the only) crowd control weapon, though isn’t as useful against bigger mini-boss or boss targets, naturally.

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While at first the Force Gun seems like a write-off, it shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes in a bad situation, having something to create some space can be invaluable. Just don’t expect it to kill something if you’re just spamming shots over and over again.

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