Where to Find the Colander in Starfield

You always have a bad feeling about this ship.

Starfield The Colander
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Starfield is a massive game in sheer size, and it’s because of that that the developers have gone about including a ton of easter eggs that include references to some of our favorite games, movies, and shows. For example, some playthroughs may have an Elder Scrolls VI easter egg in the bar of the Lodge that’s a fun nod. One such easter egg is much harder to fight and can be worrisome depending on your level. Here’s where to find the Colander in Starfield.

Where to Find the Alien Easter Egg (Colander) in Starfield

The Colander can be found within the Schrodinger system, orbiting the planet Schrodinger III. The system can be found slightly to the southwest of the Kryx system and is otherwise surrounded by the Denebola, Alpha/Beta Marae, and Tidacha systems. You shouldn’t need to worry too much about Grav Drives and fuel unless you’re way in the middle of nowhere.

Once you reach the orbit of Schrodinger III, you should see the Colander somewhere nearby. When you spot it, you’ll notice both the Engines and Grav Drive are disabled, and hailing it doesn’t get you any further. From here, you’re safe to dock and get onboard.

Inside the ship, you’ll find things mostly deserted, with the odd dead body and thrown objects tossed around. The computers don’t paint a great picture either, with autopsy reports that understand the cause of death without knowing who or what directly caused it. Other terminals also mention an Interloper that was captured after it snuck its way aboard the ship. Given the ship was put in lockdown a month after it was captured, things aren’t looking too good.

Proceeding further reveals some strange alien growths on the walls, showing that something is clearly still alive in here. This is especially true around the cell that the Interloper was in, with the cell door open. You’ll eventually come across that Interloper, who will need to be defeated. It also doesn’t drop anything too interesting, though does bring that spooky tale.

Is There Any Interesting Loot on the Colander?

There is one interesting thing you can find when exploring the Colander. After killing the Interloper, you’ll come across a room with a lower ramp leading to what is believed to be the landing bay. Instead of going down the ramp, you want to head down the hallway to the right of it until you reach what appears to be maintenance halls. At one point, you’ll find two red lights next to some boxes with a hole leading up. Head up there, and you’ll find a Contraband Crate that requires Expert Digipicking. If you manage to get it open, you’ll find four Black Market Antiquities and three Stolen Artwork to sell. Just make sure not to bring those to a major settlement.

If you’re looking for help with selling that contraband, check out our guide on how to get to the Den in the Wolf system in Starfield.

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