How to Get to the Cheyenne System in Starfield

The Wild West if it was an entire star system, essentially.

Akila City Starfield
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Starfield has nearly 100 different star systems for you to explore, each with anywhere from one to five planets and featuring a handful of moons. This is a lot to explore, so checking that map might be a bit daunting at first. One such location you’re likely to visit a handful of times is the Cheyenne system, though how you get to it can be confusing for some. Here’s how to get to the Cheyenne system in Starfield.

Where to Find the Cheyenne System in Starfield

Starfield Cheyenne System
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The Cheyenne system can be found roughly in the middle of the System Map, accessed through the Data Menu. It’s rubbed up against the Maheo system, with the Nikola, Leviathan, and Lunara systems being its closest neighbors. If that isn’t enough, it can be found to the west of the Kryx system, and to the east of the Narion system.

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The Cheyenne system is home to all of the following planets and moons:

  • Agamon
    • Agamon A
    • Agamon B
    • Agamon C
    • Agamon D
  • Akila
    • Antharum
    • Bindi
    • Codos
  • Burran
    • Grizzit
    • Rell
  • Fenn
    • Cragg
    • Tahrnis
  • Montara
    • Heilo
    • Kalira
    • Montara Luna
    • Thren
    • Wellish
  • Navaha
    • Belwah
    • Bismark
    • Hardpoint
    • Laramie
    • Olaran
  • Skink
  • Stellis
    • Stellis A
    • Stellis B
    • Stellis C
    • Stellis D
  • Washakie

Alongside all of these planets and moons, the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard can be found orbiting Akila.

What Noteworthy Places Are Found in the Cheyenne System?

Starfield Akila City
Image via Prima Games.

The most notable place of all in the Cheyenne system is Akila City, naturally found on the planet Akila. This is not only one of the three major cities in Starfield but is also the home of the Freestar Rangers, who offer a lengthy mission line for you to complete. Other than Akila City, you’ll also find the Bindi Mining Outpost, and Waggoner Farm (Montara Luna).

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