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Where to Find the Coffin in Mt. Moonspell and Unlock Miang in Vampire Survivors DLC

Our readers love coffin guides for this game!

by Nikola L

The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC for Vampire Survivors is already proving to be a big hit and a much-needed addition to the core game that’s worth every dime. Now, you’re here because you’re wondering where to find the Coffin for the new character Miang Moonspell in these crazy mountains that look like a cursed maze – we say it’s a nice break from the looped tiles on other maps.

Prima Games is here to help you find the Miang Moonspell’s Coffin in Mount Moonspell.

How to Find the Coffin and Unlock Miang Moonspell in Vampire Survivors DLC? Now with Map Included

We are about to invade a fort, be careful. The game does not have X and Y coordinates so that we can guide you more precisely, but we’ll do things the old-fashioned way. At the start of the game, you open the map and see a question mark toward the top-right end of the map.

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  • Picture 1: Outskirts of the fort. You will reach them by running RIGHT (east) from your starting position. In the middle of the bottom wall of this fort, there is an entrance.
  • Picture 2: Position of every item on the map in relation to your character’s position (if it’s worth anything to you, as a simulation of X and Y coordinates).
  • Picture 3: Enter through the Torii gate, and move right until you see the frame from Picture 4.
  • Picture 4: You are about to enter a building where the Coffin is.
  • Picture 5: Move up, and you will find the coffin and some silly Cerberus guarding it. Kill it and jump on the coffin.
Map sourced from VS Discord, edited by Prima Games

We made it! We got a new character!

After you finish your run, you can get Miong Moonspell from the shop, like you would buy any other character.

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We have cleared the DLC entirely, and we have written guides on unlocking everything in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell, so if you need anything, jump in on our DLC game tag below.

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