Where to Find Sundering Glare Mod in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 has a lot of weapon and armor mods, but on top of that, there are also artifact mods too. There’s no shortage of ways to craft the perfect build in the game, and with each new season, the list of possibilities grows. Here is where to find the Sundering Glare mod in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Sundering Glare Mod in Destiny 2

First off, to obtain the Sundering Glare mod, you’ll need the Season 18 artifact, the Skeleton Key. This is obtained after completing the opening missions of the new seasonal content found in the Helm.

Once you’ve obtained the Skeleton key, you will need to continue to complete challenges, bounties, seasonal content, and more to level up the artifact. With every level, you’ll be able to unlock a new mod found inside the artifact. Sundering Glare is in the last tier of artifact opens, meaning you’ll need to keep unlocking the previous mods until the final row becomes available.

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The Sundering Glare mod costs 6 energy for your Class Item.

  • Rapid precision hits against distant combatants weaken them for a short duration.

This is great for players using Linear Fusion Rifles or snipers. It can be a huge boon to weaken hard-hitting enemies from a distance, giving your team the ability to get in close with a Thunderclap or shotgun.

You’ll need to hit artifact level 10 to unlock the ability to grab the mod so you’ll need to put in some work. Luckily, if you spec it wrong, you can reset your artifact at any time to properly pick the mods you want to use.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the Sundering Glare mod in Destiny 2. Check out the Destiny 2 skins that are in Fortnite now.

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