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Where to Find Scavenger Calling Cards in COD DMZ

He will be seeing you.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Two deadly bosses were added to the Call of Duty: DMZ mode when Season 3 went live, and along with some fresh loot opportunities for players, there are also new Faction Missions tied to the bosses. One of these missions tasks Operators with finding the Scavenger Calling Cards on the map.

As you might have guessed, these calling cards are absolutely linked to the new boss, but he won’t necessarily be carrying them. You also won’t find them in any fixed locations. The good news is we know where to look and we’ll cover how to find the cards in our DMZ guide.

Where to Find Scavenger Calling Cards in DMZ

You can find Calling Cards by taking down the Scavenger Boss and searching the backpacks of the Operators in the area. One thing drives this new boss, and that’s the opportunity to steal some loot. When some of the first Operators on the map get eliminated, the boss will spawn near the bodies.

If he is given enough time to loot them and rummage through their backpacks, he will steal their dog tags. When you search the backpacks of the fallen players afterward, you’ll see a piece of paper in the dog tag slot. I know I missed this paper at first, but don’t make the same mistake I did.

That piece of paper is the Scavenger Calling Card in the COD DMZ. Make sure to take the card and place it in your bag. If you’re stealing these calling cards, though, you’re likely already near the boss, so make sure to bring your best gear or some extra explosives to get the job done as fast as possible. Keep in mind that the Scavenger boss tends to move around Hafid Port as well, but can technically be anywhere, including Ashika Island.

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When you find the Scavenger Calling Cards, collect any that you can find and extract from the COD DMZ with them in your backpack. Successfully leaving the area, whether it’s in Ashika or Al Mazrah, will mean the completion of your task in your Faction Mission.

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