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Rafiq Cupbearer Halls of Torment Location
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In Halls of Torment, a couple of NPCs are scattered around that you can interact with and even save. One of them is Rafiq the Cupbearer, and he’s one of my favorite companions. I love having Rafiq the Cupbearer on my team, as he makes useful potions that can make my gameplay much easier. So if you want some of that “good stuff,” you must know where to find Rafiq the Cupbearer in Halls of Torment and I will be more than glad to guide you to his location.

The Exact Location of Rafiq the Cupbearer in Halls of Torment

Follow these instructions on how to unlock potions in Halls of Torment:

  1. Head to the Forgotten Viaduct. (Here’s how to Unlock the Forgotten Viaduct).
  2. Upon entering the Forgotten Viaduct, you will see a unique icon that’s not a Scroll of Mastery, nor a Hand, in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Follow the icon until you find Rafiq the Cupbearer standing on planks that are sticking out of the bridge. You should spot him on the right edge of the bridge (south-east).
  4. Talk to him (a short dialogue will happen).
  5. Follow the potion icon, it will be located in the northeast.
  6. Pick up the potion and bring it back to Rafiq.

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After you do that, another short dialogue box will come out, and Rafiq will be now waiting for you at the camp, east of the bonfire, standing on his carpet. You will see the potions he can make for you when you click on him.

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How to Unlock Potions in Halls of Torment

Using the Gatherer’s Charm, you can seek out different potion components across different levels. Gatherer’s Charm works when equipped by getting the item icon in the top-left corner, next to your level, with green indicators that act like a compass. In addition, you will need to Retrieve empty bottles that you gather as you play your runs, so you will be placed before a choice every run because you can save a bottle or an actual item. No matter what you do, it’s an investment for your future runs, and eventually, you’ll Retrieve everything you need. It’s a grindy game, and this is to be expected, it’s just a matter of what you want to prioritize.

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