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Where to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft (2023)

Halloween all year long!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Where to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft

Although the first association with Pumpkins is usually Halloween, this orange fruit (yes, it is a fruit, actually) has many other uses in Minecraft – it can be worn on the head, eaten as a consumable, used to make Jack o’Lanterns or to create Golems – but where to you find Pumpkins in Minecraft? Let’s find out.

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Where to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft

Pumpkins are not that hard to find in Minecraft, you will often simply run into them as they can be found in most biomes – they usually spawn wherever there is grass, so if there is even one grass block, pumpkins can grow there!

Pumpkins in Minecraft are the size of a standard block, they are orange in color and have stripes – you can’t miss them. Because of their specific color that creates a high contrast in relation to the rest of the environment, they are easily visible from afar. When you find a Pumpkin block, unlike other fruits that can be picked with your hands alone, you will need an Axe to harvest it.

What are Pumpkins Used For in Minecraft?

Once you’ve obtained a Pumpkin, you can customize it by carving it with Shears and then combining it with a Torch to make Jack o’Lanterns. Carved pumpkins may be used as helmets, and once you have it on your head, you can look directly at Endermen! Also, strangely some mobs can pick them up and wear them as well.

Aside from that, you can use Pumpkins to make Pumpkin Pies (add sugar and eggs) to restore health and reduce hunger, and to conjure some Golems! To make more pumpkins, just plant the seeds that you get when you break the Pumpkin Blocks, or put it in the crafting grid to receive 4 Pumpkin Seeds from 1 Pumpkin Block each.

Now that you know all about Pumpkins in Minecraft, go start a Pumpkin farm and try it all out, have fun!

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