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How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft

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by Jordan Lemons

There are all types of ways to emit lights when it comes to Minecraft – Torches, Glowstone, Beacons, Active Redstone Lamps, and more. So maybe there wasn’t exactly much use for the Lantern to be made into a thing, but for the value of aesthetics, it is a must!! Here’s how to make Lanterns in Minecraft.

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How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft

Released around the same time as the Chain Links, it was clear that the Lantern is meant to be a part of a Dungeon theme that Minecraft emulated with that update. The Lantern can be placed on the wall, hung from the ceiling, or on a block like Fencing and Chains. One of the most versatile items that emit light, it makes for a better look than placing down a Torch and then an Item Frame for some sprucing up.

With the Lantern, you’ll need a Torch and bits of Iron. But you won’t be making use of those Iron Bars. It helps to have a good stock of Iron before delving into your creative side for aesthetics, but it helps that Lanterns require Iron Nuggets rather than full Bars. Much like making a Chest, you’ll need to make an entire circle when crafting a Lantern. For this, you’re going to need your Handy-Dandy Crafting table. With the Iron Nuggets in place, you’ll put a Torch in the middle, and voila! A lantern!

How to Make a Soul Lantern

Lanterns don’t only come in this form, but they have an alternate version. Soul Lanterns come in a haunting blue. Using the same Formula as the regular Lantern, you instead place a Soul Torch in place of a Regular Torch. How do you get a Soul Torch? For the sake of aesthetics, you’ll need to venture into the Nether.

An eerie place for sure, the particular substance you’ll be wanting to keep an eye out for luckily doesn’t need to be in a place of danger such as a Nether Fortress or a Bastion. Unless you want to pick up the eight of 16 pieces you may get from venturing into such buildings… No, rather you can look for Soul Valley Biome, one of the newer Biome types to enter the Minecraft Nether. Both having an abundance of Soul Sand and Soul Soil, this is going to be the final ingredient you need to make Soul Torches.

Unlike Regular Torches, Soul Torches are made out of three ingredients. Your Coal or Charcoal, a Stick, and lastly, Soul Soil or Soul Sand. Placing these items in a direct vertical line will grant you a blue Torch. Thus, instead of the warm glow of the Torch, you have a neat Blue Soul Lantern to hang from the haunting grim underbellies of your new dungeons.

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