Where to Find Pink Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Another pretty flower to add to the collection

Pink Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Flowers are an important resource in Dreamlight Valley that allow you to raise your friendship levels with characters, complete quests and make pretty decorations for your village. They’re a great resource to have in abundance, and pink bromeliads are no exception. Regardless of whether you’re trying to complete a mission now or preemptively saving them for later, learning where to find these flowers will help you out later in your playthrough. If you are curious, continue reading to discover where to find pink bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pink Bromeliad Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Pink Bromeliad is a flower found exclusively in the Sunlit Plateau. You can access this biome using the northwestern ramp connecting Sunlit Plateau to the Plaza, which you can unlock permanently with 7,000 Dreamlight. From here, you’ll see the leafy pink plant randomly spawn throughout the area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pink Bromeliad location
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Pink bromeliads appear as short, leafy plants compared to their houseleek counterpart. Unlike these tall flowers, bromeliads are shorter but have much larger leaves and one flower in the plant’s center. It also appears in three colors – red, yellow and pink – and each has equal odds of appearing in the region.

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After progressing through the main story, befriending Scar, and completing the Circle of Life quest, you’ll gain the necessary shovel upgrades to break the wildebeest bones separating you from the biome’s western half. By clearing the way to this area, you’ll find more flowers to forage daily!

Oh, and make sure not to forget the Elephant Graveyard area near the Forgotten Lands ramp. I’ll often forget to check there, and I end up missing out on valuable flower spawns. Learn from my mistakes!

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