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Where to Find the Luoyang Dungeon Key in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Don't get locked out of your loot.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Dungeon Key Wo Long

So you’ve made it to the underground waterways of Luoyang and now you’re exploring the dungeons area within. This area is full of the poison liquid that destroys your Spirit Gauge, and it’s also full of dungeon doors that require a key in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

You can technically get through the entire level without ever finding this key, and in the process, you’ll miss out on an easy trophy and some fantastic loot. To ensure you don’t miss any of those doors in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, we’ll cover how you can find the Luoyang Dungeon Key.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Where to Find the Luoyang Dungeon Key

When you spawn into the waterways for the first time, you’ll have a path that takes you to the main dungeon room. This area has multiple levels and has plenty of pools of poison water scattered throughout. If you look over the edge when you first arrive in the massive dungeon room, you’ll be able to see mermaid-like enemies at the bottom.

You need to make your way to the other side of the Luoyang Dungeon room and look toward the left side wall. One of the giveaways that you’re in the right place is the corrupted battle flag that is sitting next to the mermaid-like enemies at the bottom of the dungeon in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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Take out the two mermaids and then look to your left if you’re facing the battle flag. You’ll see a bright glowing item that indicates something rare and it’s located in a cell of its own next to a body and a dim fire. This is the Luoyang Dungeon Key, and you can use it to open all of the locked doors in this specific Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level.

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