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Where to Find Legendary Weapons Early in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 features a vast array of loot for gamers to uncover in order to fight back against the undead hordes of “Hell-A.” For those early in the game, you might wonder where to obtain some of Dead Island 2’s powerful legendary weapons as quickly as possible. Here is everything you need to know about early-game legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, including the earliest mission that the rarest items can be found.

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Early Game Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

Unfortunately, there are no true “early game” legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, as legendary weapons can only be obtained through specific missions that begin to show up in the mid-late story of the game. Enemies cannot randomly drop a legendary weapon, so don’t bother farming zombies in hopes that you might acquire some of the game’s rarest loot, as this is Dead Island, not Borderlands.

Earliest Obtainable Legendary Weapon in Dead Island 2

The earliest point that a legendary weapon can be acquired in Dead Island 2 is the “Blood Rage” knife, which is found at “The Pier” in Santa Monica during the mission “Fool’s Gold.” Once completing the Lost & Found mission, players will obtain the “Blood Rage,” which is the best knife in Dead Island 2. A walkthrough for Fool’s Gold can be found in the related link below, demonstrating how to complete the mission and where to find the legendary knife.

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How to Find More Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2

The only way to build your arsenal of legendary melee weaponry and firearms in Dead Island 2 is through completion of the main story, side missions, lost & found quests, and finding missing persons. Keep in mind that multiple legendary weapons are locked into the post-game of Dead Island 2, meaning that you must complete your story through “Hell-A” first.

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