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How to Complete “Fool’s Gold” in Dead Island 2

I pity the fool who hid my legendary weapon!

by Grant Testa

Dead Island 2 features a variety of “Lost & Found” quests that provide some great loot and powerful weapons to take on the droves of undead Californians in the game’s aptly named “Hell-A.” One mission that gives players the opportunity to earn the game’s first legendary weapon is called “Fool’s Gold,” which puts gamers’ mental aptitude and zombie slaying fortitude to the test, as they follow clues to track down a hidden weapon in Santa Monica. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for completing “Fool’s Gold” and finding the first legendary weapon in Dead Island 2.

Fool’s Gold Walkthrough in Dead Island 2

In the Lifeguard Headquarters of Santa Monica Pier, players will encounter a Crusher named Dante, who will drop a note and a key when he is defeated, starting the “Fool’s Gold” mission. Here are the locations of clues needed to complete the Lost & Found quest.

Clue #1: Lifeguard HQ Lockers

In the lifeguard headquarters, find the lockers (as seen in the map location above).

Use the key to open the locker and obtain the second note.

The note will provide two locations for burner phones that contain safe combination codes. Based on the clues, one is found “down the alley by the stores” and another is located “by the Wheel.”

Clue #2: Dante’s Meet-Up Point

In an alleyway near Luigi’s Pizzeria (as seen in the map location above), Dante’s burner phone can be retrieved.

Grab the burner phone near a trash can and metal crate, but be wary, as the area is crawling with zombies. In my experience, there were simply shamblers, walkers, and slobbers, so either take them down, or run away to move on and find the next burner phone.

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Clue #3: Randy’s Meet-Up Point

To reach the second burner phone, navigate through the amusement park and head towards the Ferris Wheel.

On a bench looking out into the ocean at the far end of the amusement park, the second burner phone can be found, as seen in the map image above.

Watch out for Voltaic Screamers, which spawn in this area. Ranged weapons are effective against the mutant zombies and make sure to avoid their powerful electrical attacks.

At the bench grab the burner phone, which will provide the second half of the safe combination.

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Finding the Legendary Safe in Fool’s Gold

Head back to the Lifeguard Headquarters and go to the alley behind the Station, which is a large, sandy area with the building on one side and barbed wire barricades on the other side.

Approximately midway through the alley you will find the Buried Safe, but don’t celebrate yet…

Before you can open the chest, hordes of zombies will descend from all directions, forcing you to fight your way through the undead masses. Most of the early-wave enemies will be walkers, runners, and shamblers. Curveballs like grenades and Molotov cocktails make quick work of these standard zombies.

However, keep a lookout for Butchers, who will spawn in one of the later waves. It is highly suggested you trigger “Fury Mode” to make quick work of the challenging sword-armed zombies.

Once you have fought off every last zombie, you can finally open the Buried Safe and claim your treasure.

Opening the Buried Safe will provide players with the Blood Rage, the first legendary weapon in Dead Island 2 and the best knife in the game.

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