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Where to Find Large Contraband Packages in COD DMZ

Put an end to the Cartel.

Another season in the Call of Duty: DMZ means some fresh Faction Missions for Operators to take on in their free time. One of the latest Season 3 objectives tasks players with finding Large Contraband Packages, and as expected, the Cartel won’t make it so easy to find them.

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The good news is that the Cartel isn’t very good at hiding on the Al Mazrah DMZ map and their main operation is centered in one location. Our guide will cover where the operation is and how you can get a hold of the packages you need in COD DMZ.

Call of Duty DMZ – Where to Find Large Contraband Packages

Cartel soldiers are new to the Season 3 update, but their location is simply a reused area. Head to Hafid Port, which is located nearly exactly west on the Al Mazrah map. In previous seasons, you could find standard soldiers in the area, which has changed to meet the needs of the Cartel.

Locating Hafid Port is the easy part of the Faction Mission, and with that out of the way, you need to pick up the Large Contraband Packages they have. There is no set location for these packages in COD DMZ beyond searching the buildings within the port. Most of the interior floors will have at least one spawn, including the houses to the south of the port. Check as many shelves as you can for a package that looks like a taped-up bag of drugs (which they are) as well.

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With at least two of the Large Contraband Packages in hand, you’ll need to exfil safely from the zone to complete the Faction Mission. Other players won’t be able to see if you have these quest items on you, and Scavenger Backpacks can even save you from losing the packages if you die, so completing the mission won’t be too difficult. Check out all the new Plate Carriers and Backpacks you can get here.

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