Where to Find Hardened Mass in Fallout 76

Who dropped the bomb?

Fallout 76 Nuclear Bomb
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When you’re actively fighting tooth-and-nail to survive the post-apocalypse, every bit of junk becomes a valuable resource that, through careful crafting, turns into something useful. Here is where to find Hardened Mass in Fallout 76.

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How to Find Hardened Mass in Fallout 76

Hardened Mass is a type of junk item in Fallout 76 that you can acquire by visiting blast zones, the area following a bomb detonation. The resulting radiation caused by the nuclear explosion leads to all manner of oddities, with powerful irradiated creatures and unique resources cropping up for players to collect.

Hardened Mass is one such resource, and it’s a handy item that will come in handy for late-game crafting despite its ugly outward appearance.

But here’s the thing: dropping a bomb in Fallout 76 is no simple task. It requires a set of nuclear codes for Site Alpha, Site Bravo, and Site Charlie. These code fragments stem from Scorched and Feral Ghoul Officers around Appalachia. With all of the codes, you can launch a nuke.

Personally, I’ve only launched one, and I’m at level 100. I typically just wait for someone else to drop the bomb, as it happens on nearly every server these days. Then, swoop in and farm.

What is Hardened Mass For in Fallout 76?

In any case, no matter how the irradiated zone appears, you want Hardened Mass in Fallout 76 for numerous reasons.

First and foremost, Hardened Mass breaks down into Ultracite, a rare and coveted material used to craft ammunition, Ultracite Power Armor, and more. On top of the Ultracite, you may use Hardened Mass to prepare:

  • Stable Cobalt Flux
  • Stable Fluorescent Flux
  • Stable Violet Flux
  • Stable Crimson Flux
  • Stable Yellowake Flux

What is flux? It’s a type of junk resource harvested within blast zones, like Hardened Mass, but somewhat rare. You can use flux to craft all manner of late-game items, including a jet pack or armor modifications.

No matter how you collect Hardened Mass in Fallout 76, a Tesla Rifle can help make the job easier.

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