Where to Get a Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76

A little lightning in your step.

Fallout 76 Vendor Phoenix
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In a world filled with laser and plasma weaponry, who would have thought that slinging electricity would have proven to be the most exciting method of taking down opponents? Here is where to get a Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76.

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How to Get a Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76

To get a Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76, you must first purchase the plans, which are available from the Brotherhood of Steel Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga Shopping Plaza, where I bought mine, or occasionally dropped by Deathclaws.

Alternatively, a unique variant of the Tesla Rifle, Night Light, was available as a reward during Survival Mode in 2019.

Like other weapon plans in the game, once you have the Tesla Rifle plans in Fallout 76, you can craft it at your camp via a Weapon Workbench so long as you have the necessary components. Sadly, it’s a beefy weapon when it comes to requirements. You need quite a few resources, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Circuitry
  • Crystal
  • Nuclear Material
  • Plastic
  • Screws
  • Steel

With those resources, you’ll find yourself shooting electricity in no time!

How Good is the Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76?

For an energy weapon that relies on electricity, a rare commodity in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Appalachia, the Tesla Rifle is surprisingly monstrous. It deals excellent damage, with a base of 66 damage at level 40 and 78 damage at level 50. Of course, the damage scales depending on your equipment and perks.

Speaking of perks, you need Science Rank 1 to craft a Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76.

Anyway, let’s explore some of the weapon’s key stats:

Fire RateRangeAccuracyAP CostValueWeight

The Tesla Rifle is hefty and expensive to fire but deals a ton of damage and is worthwhile for any energy weapon build you can imagine!

To help you farm resources to craft a Tesla Rifle, you may need to track down Mole Miners. Thankfully, you can find them all over the Ash Heap!

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