Where to Find Gold Bars in COD DMZ

That third Insured slot won't unlock itself.

Gold Bars DMZ
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Gold Bars aren’t only used for the cash value they provide in the COD DMZ, and for most players, these rare items are collected to unlock the third insured weapon slot. Although each bar is a rare find, there are tons of spots to find them, and I can tell you exactly where I found one myself. Here’s where to find Gold Bars in Call of Duty DMZ.

How to Get Gold Bars in Call of Duty DMZ

You can find Gold Bars by searching containers such as Duffel Bags or checking each shelf you find as you search buildings. I found a Gold Bar in the northern section of Hafid Port on the Al Mazrah map. When I entered one of the many computer rooms, I searched a duffel bag and found myself another bar.

Gold Bar Location DMZ
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Any time you search inside a standard container, there is a chance for one of the Gold Bars to appear in DMZ. I’ve even managed to find two different bars within the same room, so with some luck on your side, earning these items can be quick and easy.

Keep in mind, though, that there really is no way to guarantee that the bars will spawn. Completing challenging content, or searching maps like Building 21, can lead to more opportunities for the bars to spawn in the DMZ. However, there is always some luck involved.

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It takes at least 10 different Gold Bar extractions in the DMZ to unlock the third insured weapon slot. Other items like Gold Skulls and GPUs are also required before getting the third slot. But if you already have that unlocked, then selling the bars for $2,000 is also an option.

For any of you that need to find more items for the third weapon slot, make sure to check out my guide on where to find GPUs in the COD DMZ.

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