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Where to Find Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

An Everstone looks like a plain rock and you can't convince me it's not

by Daphne Fama

There is one stone that has garnered controversy through the Generations – the Everstone. It’s a stone that seems to only serve one function, and that’s preventing your Pokemon from evolving. But for trainers who take the competitive nature of the game seriously, Everstones have a benefit beyond automatically pressing ‘B’ for you when your Pokemon is about to evolve.

It can also help pass down a Pokemon’s nature to its offspring.

Yes, if you give an Everstone to the mother Pokemon in a breeding pair (including Ditto, who is always considered the mother), then the nature of the mother has a 100% chance of being passed down to its offspring. Or at least this has been the case since Black 2 and White 2.

So, if you’re into cultivating the most optimal natures for your Pokemon, the Everstone can be quite useful. Or you might just be like me, who refuses to let her Dragonair evolve and is too lazy to press the ‘B’ button. But where can you find this elusive stone?

Where to Find Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The answer, like for most stones, is to head into the city and peruse the wares of the ultra-capitalistic bird Pokemon, Delibird. Yes, Delibird Presents have this hold item amongst their wares, assuming you have at least four Gym Badges and you visit the right shop. You’ll need to visit their Mesagoza (West) flagship store to find the Everstone among their general goods wares for 3,000 Pokedollars.

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You can also find Everstones on the ground, usually around Mesagoza. They’ll take the form of sparkles rather than Poke Balls, and it’s truly random. But if you have ample patience and not much money, this is an option.

Good luck finding that stone, trainer!

Daphne Fama

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