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Where to Find Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Travel to the land of red flowers

by Madison Benson
Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has five passion lily colors: Black, white, green, red and blue. Like every flower in the game, they spawn in one area you can’t access immediately. Depending on how far you’ve progressed, gathering the right resources and enough Dreamlight to make your way to the right location may take some time. Even when you get there, you might run into an issue that makes it much harder to find these flowers! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find blue passion lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Passion lilies are unique flowers. Typically, every region in Disney Dreamlight Valley has at least two flower types. These types come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but they’re usually pretty easy to differentiate between. On the other hand, passion lilies are the only flower in their home location.

Which location is that? Frosted Heights!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Passion Lily Location
Travel to the land of snow!

To find passion lilies, you’ll have to unlock Frosted Heights, the snowy region north of the Forest of Valor. It costs 3,000 Dreamlight to open the Forest of Valor through the Plaza or Dazzle Beach and an additional 10,000 to unlock Frosted Heights. You can only access the snow biome through the forest, so make sure you have both open!

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Once you open Frosted Heights, you’ll spot mint plants, cherry trees and tall, leafy flowers scattered everywhere. These flowers are passion lilies, and your goal is to find blue ones! They’ll appear as bright blue flowers with light green leaves in normal situations.

However, depending on when you’re playing, you may run into a particular visual bug.

Passion Lily Visual Glitch

During the Pride of the Valley update in April 2023, a visual bug appeared, turning every passion lily flower red! As of writing this, I’m currently standing in a field of these red flowers that, in reality, are a mix of blue, white and green passion lilies. While this bug doesn’t completely replace the flowers, the search is slightly more challenging.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Passion Lily Visual Glitch
They’re everywhere!

Speaking from experience, if you’re in this situation currently, you’ll have to pick every flower in Frosted Heights until you get the amount you need for your gifts or quests. Despite appearing red in the world, the flowers will return to their usual color once you pick them up.

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