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Where to Find Blue Hydrangea in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Pick yourself a nice flower.

by Jesse Vitelli

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled to the brim with materials and resources you’ll need to collect. Many of these items can be used for crafting or given as gifts to an assortment of famous Disney icons. It can be tricky to figure out where all of these items are located, but we’ve got you covered. Here is where to find Blue Hydrangeas in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Blue Hydrangea in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re looking for Blue Hydrangeas in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must head to Dazzle Beach. If you haven’t unlocked this area yet, you’ll need to complete Merlin’s quest for the Orb of Friendship before gaining access to Dazzle Beach.

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Once you have access to Dazzle Beach, just roam around the area, and there will be four different colors of Hydrangeas near the grassy areas. There is no specific spawn place for any of the colors. You’ll just need to keep your eyes out for the blue ones.

If you pluck the Hydrangeas when they respawn, there’s a chance of any of the four colors appearing. So if there aren’t any blue around, pluck them up and wait for them to reappear. This is your best chance of finding the Blue Hydrangeas you’re looking for.

They take a bit of time to come back, so doing a full circle of the island in between to gather other resources is an excellent way to maximize your time. Being efficient in your gathering can save you a lot of time in the long run. So gather them up, wait for the respawn to kick in, and do it again. Hopefully, you’ll get the number of blue ones you need as soon as possible, but it’s really up to the RNG gods.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get Blue Hydrangeas in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more tips and tricks, be sure to take a look at our other helpful guides, like all of the cooking recipes. Maybe you need help upgrading your pickaxe.

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