Where to Find All Crown Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy

Explore the Miners' Camps and climb mountains.

Tower of Fantasy Crown Scenic Points

By the time you enter level 30 and progress deeper into the main story, you’ll find yourself stumbling upon an old mining area, abandoned research facilities and plenty of mountains. While this may not sound pleasing to everyone, there are some interesting sights to behold as you travel around.

More specifically, you can travel to different points in the region and record them in your chronicles menu to look at later! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to find every Crown Scenic Point in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find All Crown Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of four Scenic Points in Crown. Below are images and descriptions of each point and routes to find them:

  • Miners’ Camp: Transmit to the Miners’ Camp Spacerift and head east. Jump down the metal platform, past the wooden bridge and crane, until you reach a second metal floor. Jump onto this platform and head slightly further east until you see the blue eye icon on top of a metal tunnel.
  • Scenic Point Coordinate: 190.5, 182.0
Tower of Fantasy Miner Camp
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • Parliament: Transmit to the Parliament Spacerift and head west. Turn towards the southern mountains and climb until you’re directly north of the D-01 Ruins. Make another turn towards the cliff’s lip, just past the metal hyena tent.
  • Scenic Point Coordinate: 315.9, 409.8
Tower of Fantasy Crown Scenic Parliament
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • Lumina: Transmit to the Southern Mountains Spacerift and go east down the mountain. As you continue heading east, you’ll find a large stone jutting out of the mountainside. At the tip of this platform, you’ll find the scenic point.
  • Scenic Point Coordinate: 519.1, 741.2
Crown Scenic Lumina
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • Research Lab: Head to the Crown Omnium Tower and go directly southwest. The blue eye symbol is along the cliff edge.
  • Scenic Point Coordinate: 721.4, 391.9
Tower of Fantasy Crown Research Lab
Image via Tower of Fantasy

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Once you’ve found the fourth and final Scenic Point, you’ll complete this part of the Crown Exploration page in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out which SSR Weapon to Choose First and All Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes.

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