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Where to Find Aerocudas in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Take to the skies.

by Kara Phillips

Hyrule is filled with enemies worth fighting in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, whether that’s a swarm of Kleese for some valuable eyes or taking down a Bokoblin camp to harvest some materials. It’s safe to say that nowhere is particularly safe from attack, not even while you’re gliding above the clouds. If you’ve been traveling from place to place and utilizing Tulin’s ability to travel slightly further with your glider, you may have noticed a few strange enemies circling in the sky. Aerocudas are one of the newest enemies in Tears of the Kingdom and can drop some pretty valuable materials to fuse to your weapons, so they’re worth hunting, but that doesn’t make them particularly easy to track down.

Where are Aerocudas in Tears of the Kingdom?

Fortunately, Aerocudas can be found throughout Hyrule but especially in mountainous regions like the Gerudo Highlands and around Death Mountain. Generally, Greater Hyrule is the best place to head when looking for this mob in particular, but if you’re feeling brave, they can also be found lingering in the depths. When attacked and killed, they’ll drop Aerocuda eyeballs which function similarly to Kleese eyes when fused to an arrow, and Aerocuda Wings to help your arrows travel further. However, if you really don’t want to farm these materials yourself, a lot of them can be found for sale at the Kakariko General Store too.

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Some Aerocudas will fly carrying treasure chests, while others may carry Bokoblins in their talons. Generally, you’ll be able to see what an Aerocuda is carrying from a significant distance without being spotted, so you’ll be able to judge whether or not you’re strong enough to try and face one. That said, you’ll rely heavily on ranged attacks via a bow and arrow alongside fused Bomb Flowers or monster parts to take a more significant chunk of health, rather than waiting for a swooping melee attack from the creature and a few tactically timed swings of a weapon.