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How to Unfuse Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

A sticky situation.

by Jesse Vitelli

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom brings all-new abilities for players to mess around with. The new weapon fusion ability allows players to mix and match weapons with objects in the environment to create truly unique combinations. Sometimes you fuse two things together on accident, so how do you unfuse weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

How to Undo Fuse Weapons in TOTK

If you’ve accidentally stuck two things together and didn’t mean to, it can be frustrating. It’s even more frustrating that now you’re going to have to destroy the fused item. It’s frustrating to have to undo a fuse in Tears of the Kingdom.

That’s right, the only way to unfuse, defuse, unstick, whatever you want to call it, is to open your inventory, click on the item, and select the option “Destroy Fused Material.”

This will remove the fusion from your weapon but will destroy the object you fused to it forever. So if you make a mistake, you won’t lose your weapon, but you will lose the item that was fused to it. It’s frustrating, but it’s the only way to fuse the actual thing you wanted to the item before it’s destroyed.

Tarrey Town Will Unfuse Weapons, For A Price

In Tarrey town, the town you built up in Breath of The Wild, there’s a shop run by the Goron Pelison. He will undo fusion on a weapon for 20 Rupees. This will allow you to retain BOTH fused items. So if you have two valuable things stuck together, you can infuse them.

It’s a bit of a trek, and you likely haven’t fused anything of grave importance, but it’s good to do if you accidentally fused a Diamond or something of tremendous value.

Pelison’s shop in Tarrey Town is at the coordinates (3993, 1633, 0128) at Lake Akkala on the northeast of the map.

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Luckily, weapons have durability so nothing is permanent. Even a poorly fused weapon will break soon enough and you’ll be free of whatever hellspawn you’ve created. Be sure to fuse anything and everything to see what cursed combinations you can come up with.

I personally recommend attaching a minecart to your shield and creating a sick skateboard. It’s a good time and will have you running around Hyrule in style.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to unfuse weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We have everything you would ever need in the game, so stick around. Here’s how to complete the Jiosin Shrine.

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