Where to Buy Taiyo Astroneering Ship Parts in Starfield

Style over substance.

Starfield Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician
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When you’re constructing your ship in Starfield, chances are you aren’t browsing all that you can possibly install when visiting a Ship Services Technician. Different technicians will provide you with different ships, along with different parts. This is especially true for locations where certain manufacturers are based. One such manufacturer however can be hard to find. Here’s where to buy Taiyo Astroneering ship parts in Starfield.

Where to Find Taiyo Ship Parts in Starfield

The Taiyo Astroneering manufacturer can be found in the city of Neon, which itself is found on the planet of Volii Alpha in the Volii system. The Volii system is surrounded by the Olympus, Leviathan, and Feynman systems if you need help locating it. Once you’ve landed, make your way into Neon Core.

As you enter the main street of Neon (where all the shops are), you’ll find two ends. One has the Astral Lounge, and the other has the Ryujin Industries tower. Head toward the Ryujin Industries tower and take the elevator inside to the Taiyo Astroneering floor. Once inside, head over to the Show Room floor and speak with Veronica Young, who sells ships and, more importantly, ship parts. Select “I’d like to view and modify my ships” to start.

Are Taiyo Astroneering’s Ship Parts Worth Buying?

Taiyo Astroneering’s ship parts are for those who want their ship to look stylish but perhaps care less about how well they function. As one example, each of their ship cockpits looks solid with a rounded appearance and big front window but doesn’t offer much in the way of Hull and Crew Stations. They do still change Cargo space, though, depending on which hold you get. I wouldn’t pick any of their functional parts up, but their Structural pieces can look pretty sweet.

If you’re looking for some other ship manufacturers, check out our guide on where to buy Nova Galactic parts in Starfield.

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