Where to Buy Nova Galactic Parts in Starfield

For when your ship needs a little more length and width.

Starfield Nova Galactic Cockpit
Image via Prima Games.

Shipbuilding in Starfield is a mostly intuitive process, though does have its quirks here and there. For one, there’s a weapon assignment system that can be tough to spot at first. You also have to worry about all the other specific errors the game throws at you, which need to be fixed before you’re able to fly whatever vessel you’re building. One such quirk can make getting specific parts a challenge. Here’s where to buy Nova Galactic ship parts in Starfield.

Where to Find Nova Galactic Ship Parts in Starfield

Starfield New Homestead Ship Services Technician
Image via Prima Games.

Nova Galactic ship parts can mainly be purchased from the Ship Services Technician located in the settlement of New Homestead. To get there, head to the Sol system and click on Titan, moon of Saturn. You should see New Homestead from the planet view and are safe to land there. Once you’ve landed, head over to the Ship Services Technician and select the option “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”. Once you’re in the Ship Builder, you’re free to find and place those Nova Galactic ship parts.

Nova Galactic has a range of parts across many different categories. Through a quick search, I was able to find Cockpits, a Docker, Landing Gear, Grav Drives, Structural pieces, and Habs. Rather hilariously, Nova Galactic offers one of the few 3×3 Habs in the game. If you’re looking for a wide ship, then you’ve come to the right place. Given the small size of my own ship (Halo Pelicans aren’t known for their size), I think I’ll stick without it.

Are Nova Galactic Parts Worth Installing?

Starfield Nova Galactic Ship Parts
Image via Prima Games.

Massive and hilarious Habs aside, Nova Galactic does provide some practical parts that are hard to find anywhere else. Most of these parts are large, such as that 3×3 Hab, so you’ll want to visit them if a C Class ship is on the cards. However, they can accommodate some smaller ships using 1×1, 1×2, and 1×3 Habs.

If you’re looking for more ship parts, check out our guide on all Ship Services Technicians in Starfield.

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