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Where is the Security Guard’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Monarch Security guy says eat the rich. Literally.

by Daphne Fama

As you trail Michael Anders all the way to Monarch Studios, you will likely encounter a security booth just outside the closed front gate. Peer through the window, and you will see a blue container inside. Here is how to unlock the Security’s Supply Cooler in Dead Island 2.

Where is the Security Guard’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered

Security guards in Dead Island 2 just love storing rare weaponry in their security booths. Who can blame them? Hollywood is known for its unhinged population. Unless you happen to live in Hollywood, dear reader. In which case I am sure you are very hinged. The most hinged, in fact.

Outside of Monarch Studio, there is naturally a security booth, and within that security booth is the supply cache Security’s Cooler. But how do you wiggle your way into this cooler, which naturally has a weapon within and not, you know, sandwiches or a sneaky beer? Normal things you would keep in a cooler.

a very normal place to store your rare rage baton

To get the key, you are going to have to progress through the main story line, grabbing the Stage 7 key and making your way through the Spider Door and past a variety of sets.

Once you have made it through Stage 7, you will enter Action Alley, which is outside.

Your yellow circle will tell you to follow Michael left. Do not listen to it! Instead, turn right, and you will find yourself outside of Jimmy Montana’s trailer. Enter it, and you will see a powerful zombie snacking on someone. Probably Jimmy Montana.

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This powerful zombie is Monarch Security, and if you kill him, he will drop the Security’s Cooler Key. Fortunately, this zombie is pretty distracted by his meal, which means you can really wind up that attack and get a good smack in on him before he retaliates.

If you totally missed the Security’s Cooler, got this key, and do not know how to open a maglock, you are not alone. Here is how to open a maglock in Dead Island 2: How to Disable Maglocks in Dead Island 2.

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