How to Disable Maglocks in Dead Island 2

Might as well leave the key beneath the doormat

Dead Island 2 is a game that is absolutely rife with treasure. And by treasure, I naturally mean a variety of weapons that you can use to slice, skewer, and bludgeon to death the endless zombie hordes that desperately want to take a bite out of you. But many rare weapons are hidden behind maglocks. Here is how to open maglocks in Dead Island 2.

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How to Disable Maglocks in Dead Island 2

If you have explored a bit of the map in Dead Island 2, there is a good chance that you have encountered a security booth. These security booths inevitably have within them treasure. After all, if you are going to lock up a room in a video game, it must have something nice inside, right?

But all of these security booths are equipped with maglocks. You can try to break open the windows of the security booths to try and get in that way, but all this will do is set off an alarm and leave you surrounded by zombies… and the security booth still locked.

Not that I know because I made that exact mistake, of course.

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The only way to get into these booths is to disable or open the maglock. To do so, look above the door of the security booth. You will see a green, lit up panel. This panel will have a set of wires connected to it. Follow the wires, and you will eventually see a breaker.

Using whatever method you like (I prefer to shuriken them), hit the breaker panel and the maglock will unlock. You will then be able to enter the security booth and loot it at your leisure.

Speaking of security booths, you might be wondering where the key to the Security’s Cooler is, as this cache is one of the first you will encounter in Monarch Studios. Here is how to find the key: Where is the Security Guard’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered.

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