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Where is the Dried-Out Oasis in Disney Dreamlight Valley? – Answered

Look for tiny, colorful bugs

by Madison Benson
Where is the Dried-Out Oasis in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you unlock and enter the Lion King Realm for the first time, you’ll meet Nala and begin your search for Simba. As you progress into the quest, you’ll encounter a situation where you must gather some bugs to feed the two lions! One location you’ll have to visit is the Dried-Out Oasis, leading to one important question: where do you find this spot? If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where the Dried-Out Oasis is in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where is the Dried-Out Oasis in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The first step to getting to the Dried-Out Oasis is ensuring you’re in the Lion King realm. Once you’re there, you can either get to the oasis from the quest spot or the realm entrance. Interestingly, leaving the realm and entering again is slightly faster, but we’ll get to that soon.

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If we begin from the quest area, you’ll have to backtrack by travelling through the mushroom cave from earlier in the mission. Once you leave, you’ll find yourself back in the realm’s starting area. This starting spot is the Dried-Out Oasis, where you can gather the colorful bugs for the mission.

By leaving the realm and reentering, though, you can skip going through the mushroom cave and just teleport right back to this area. The way you do this is up to you!

Finding Bugs in the Oasis

One reason you may want to go to the oasis is to look for bugs. To find them, look out for sparkling dirt mounds and dig them to reveal two colorful bugs. You’ll have to find three piles for the mission scattered throughout this little area. After you find all the bugs, you can return to the quest area and progress further.

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