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Where is the Blue Nessie in Apex Legends – Answered

Maybe the real Blue Nessie is the friends we've made along the way

by Daphne Fama

Season 17 has dropped with a whole host of fresh changes. We’ve got a new legend, some major map renovations, a new weapon mastery system, and a slew of other adjustments. But more important than all of that? Is the hidden Nessies scattered around the Firing Range. There are thirteen total in the game, but where is the Blue Nessie in Apex Legends?

Blue Nessie Location in Apex Legends – Answered


We now know how to unlock the Blue Nessie! Here’s what you need to do.

  • You do not need to collect all the other Nessies!
  • Grab the Throwing Knife on the right side
  • Approach the dummy in the muddle
  • Throw the Knife into the Air
  • It must hit the central dummy!
  • Once it does, go to the Raven’s Nest above the spawn point (accessible through ziplines).
  • The Blue Nessie will be there!


On May 10, Twitter user KAMESAN1236 posted a screenshot of the Blue Nessie, but has been tightlipped over how they obtained it.

But it looks like the rest of the community is hot on that plesiosaur’s tail.

The first ten Green Nessies have all been locked down, and so have the Pink Nessie and Gold Nessie. Unlocking these 12 isn’t enough to force Blue Nessie to spawn in, as every inch of the Firing Range has been scavenged in the search for it.

The Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg, which requires you to climb the flagpole in Wolf’s Peak, has been confirmed to not be part of the Blue Nessie trigger.

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So, what do we know about it?

In a Tweet by Apex Legends gameplay programmer Ian Holstead, we’ve learned the following:

  • The Blue Nessie is significantly harder to find than the other Nessies
  • No Nessies are random
  • They can be collected by any legend
  • All Nessies can be collected solo or with friends

We’ll likely crack the code on the Blue Nessie in the following hours or days.

In the interim, if you’re curious about one of the most asked questions surrounding the newest Apex Legends, check out this article here: Who is the Voice Actor for Ballistic in Apex Legends – Answered.

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