All Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, Listed

Let's welcome the cranky old man to the team.

The party had to come to an end sometime! Season 16: Revelry for Apex Legends will come to an end, and Season 17: Arsenal will come to take its place. And with this brand new season will come a whole host of new features, cosmetics, and tweaks. Here’s all the changes coming to Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, that we know so far.

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 All Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, Listed

Respawn celebrated May 1 with the drop of Arsenal’s trailer, which highlighted a new face: Ballistic. This posh old man with ample baggage used to be an Apex Legend before he retired and became a hollowed-out recluse. But he’s found some of his old spirit and has rejoined the game. Here’s what we know so far.

Ballistic, the Newest Apex Legend

Well, we’ve all been expecting August “Ballistic” Brickman to swagger in for quite some time. And it looks like the arrogance of his youth hasn’t been tempered by age.

But what really matter is… what’s his skill set? Does he really have a Smart Gun a la Titanfall or has it been modified for a battle royale-style game?

  • Passive: Sling – Can carry a third weapon that can’t take attachments.
  • Tactical: Whistler – A smart bullet that’s able to curve around corners and home in on an enemy. The bullet debuffs and overheats the target’s gun. If they let the gun overheat, it explodes and damages the target. Lasts for 12 seconds or until the explosion is triggered. The overheat applies to the player, not the weapon, so switching weapons doesn’t counter it.
  • Ultimate: Tempest – Buffs Ballistic and teammates, granting infinite ammo, faster reloads, and quicker unarmed movement speed. Also makes the Sling weapon a gold version of that weapon for the duration. Teammates must be nearby to get the buff, but they don’t have to stay close to keep it.

A New Weapon Mastery System

One of the long-standing complaints in Apex Legends is the lack of progression beyond the seasonal battle pass. But with the arrival of the Weapon Mastery System, Legends will finally have something to grind towards.

The Weapon Mastery System is a long-term progression system, with each gun coming with a set of challenges and trackers for kill, headshots, knocks, and damage. Each gun will start at level 1 and is capped at level 100. Every 20 levels, Legends will be able to complete a challenge for that gun, which will net rewards like trackers, badges, banner frames, or a Legendary skin upon competition.

World’s Edge Gets an Update

One of the best maps in the game, World’s Edge, has seen quite a few changes over the year. May 9 will see some more adjustments in the popular Fragment East and West.

A new feature, called Monument, has been added to the game as a point of interest. It looks like all that construction is finally complete. They’ve even tamed the magma river and repaired the bridge. Monument acts as a deep bunker with quick access to a sniper nest for positional control and scouting.

But that’s not the only change coming to Fragment.

The infamous Streamer Building (you know, the building with two ziplines on either end, which was essentially several stacks of cement floors), has seen some modifications.

… It’s been moved completely. It’s now in Lava City, next to Rampart’s Big Maude. Lava City doesn’t see nearly as much hot dropping as Fragment, but it’s possible that this new addition will change things.

Lava Updraft Reworked

Speaking of Lava, who hasn’t accidentally hurled themselves into a chasm only to float awkwardly on the upbreeze? That vertical updraft movement system has been removed completely.

Now, the lava has been raised. You can even walk on it! But be careful, you will take damage.

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Harvester Update

One popular point of interest is Harvester, a central point that sees a lot of action both early and mid-game after the rings start to close. But with the update, a new “honey pot” platform has been added to the center. For those brave enough to thread the needle and enter from the top, you’ll land on a safe platform full of loot.

Unfortunately, that platform is surrounded by lava, with only two ziplines connected to the outer circle. If there are other teams, act fast before your duck gets cooked. Literally.

 New Vault Near Skyhook

As every Loba enjoyer knows, there are several vaults scattered throughout World’s Edge. And if you’ve shot the drones floating above you, there’s a chance you’ve managed to grab a key. A new vault has been added to Skyhook, and vault key drops have been increased.

Firing Range is Finally More Useful

The Firing Range has gotten a much-needed overhaul, and we’ll finally be able to duel with our friends and against combat dummies that shoot back. Finally! These dummies can be configured to aggressively attack, move, and exist all over the firing range.

The space has expanded and now includes a new Agility Course, Duel Pit, and POI sized town, this new space is built from the ground up for skill expression and skill development.

Infinitely shootable targets will light up different colors to give you feedback for where you hit them. Turn on Hit Markers in the Customize Range settings to learn shot patterns for the variety of weapons Apex Legends offers.

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New Survival Item: Evac Tower

When you’re desperately running from a team or really need to re-position, one of those giant red balloons with a zipline are a godsend. But what if you could just deploy your own?

The latest survival item, Evac Tower, let’s you do just that. Similar to a mobile respawn, you can find an evac tower in loot bins and care packages. They can then be deployed to create an Evac Tower that will seen you upward and then allow you to fly in any direction you like, just like your standard balloon.

But unlike normal balloons, the Evac Tower has a limited duration and will slowly take damage over time. Enemies and allies can also shoot the balloon to accelerate the processing, destroying it.

And that’s it! It’s a huge update. I’m personally really excited for a new season and all the things it will bring. If you want to know even more about Ballistic, including some information about his initial leaks, check out our article here: Whoops! EA Just Accidentally Revealed Apex Legends’ Next Legend Early.

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