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Apex Legends Pro Player RamBeau Retires from Competitive Scene

Sad to see such a great player go.

by Daphne Fama

RamBeau, one of the major contenders in Apex Legends’ competitive scene, has announced his retirement from professional play. RamBeau stated that the competitive scene no longer makes him happy and that he’s chosen to pursue other opportunities.

Apex Legends Pro Player RamBeau Retires from Competitive Scene

RamBeau began his career in Apex Legends in 2020 and quickly cemented himself as a strong player, despite his commitment to using an Xbox controller. In those three years, he secured significant victories, taking 3rd in the ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Pro League – North America, 5th in ALGS: 2022 Championship, and 1st in several domestic tournaments. However, the past few months of his career have been marked by upheaval.

In late February, The Guard suffered massive layoffs, which RamBeau and the rest of his competitive scene survived. However, RamBeau opted to leave the Guard on March 10 and join Sentinels. With the Sentinels, RamBeau began competing in the ALGS Split 2 but has decided to retire before the tournament ends. Sentinels have not yet announced who will replace RamBeau on April 16, when the next game starts.

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RamBeau’s dissatisfaction with the competitive scene is something that he’s remarked about previously. In an interview with Esports.gg on February 23, he stated that the current meta felt stale. “[I]t’s very very mid. I kind of preferred Wattson, Wraith, Pathfinder back in the day. Something kind of like that. Or even back in the old old days there was Octane Bloodhound and Gibby was a really good meta. And that was a lot of fun because that was still a lot of gunfighting, it was still a lot more methodical.”

RamBeau went on to state that if Apex ended tomorrow, he’d be happy to return to his own life. “Yeah, I always said that if Apex would end tomorrow, I’d just go back to doing what I kind of was. That’s fine with me. My quality of life before Apex was really good.”

Wherever he goes, it’s likely that RamBeau will bring his trademark charisma, energy, and hair with him. Fans needn’t worry about this being a final goodbye, as the Apex pro player has promised to continue to stream on Twitch.

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