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Apex Legends Gives Players What They Want: Swimsuit Loba

Looks like the fan artists might have been a little off base...

by Daphne Fama

Apex Legends players have been begging for one thing since Loba’s release, and that’s a cosmetic of her in a swimsuit. And it’s seems like Respawn has finally bent the knee to its exceedingly thirsty player base (and big stacks of cash).

Apex Legends Gives Players What They Want: Swimsuit Loba

On March 28, players will be able to grab hold of some summer vibes with the Sun Squad Collection Event in Apex Legends. This event, meant to celebrate and unlock Ash’s Heirloom (nunchaku), features not only a new limited-time mode called Heatwave but also 24 limited-time cosmetics.

And you know what that means. The thief with a harem of beautiful women and every purple and gold item in a 112 meter radius finally has her swimsuit cosmetic.

Countless artists have created renditions of what they believed (and desperately hoped) Loba would look like in a swimsuit, but the reality is far more tasteful. Loba has opted for a tankini with a skirt, and of course, gladiator heels. Despite that, I know Loba mains everywhere already have their credit cards primed. I know that because I am she. I am the Loba main and my credit card is ready.

Other legends got swimsuit cosmetics too, I guess. Mirage, Catalyst, and Seer are all strutting their stuff in a variety of swimwear, and there are plenty of gun skins to match with their ensembles,

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Players hoping to grab Loba (or other) cosmetics will have a chance to do so either through the singular free Apex Pack that comes with every new Collection Event, by purchasing them with Crafting Materials, or using Apex Coins.

If you miss your chance to grab the swimsuit cosmetic of your dreams, don’t despair. Collection Skins will eventually return to the shop pool after a six-month period has elapsed. While summer will be a dimming memory by then, you’ll be just in time for Halloween.

But before you grab that skin, make sure you file your taxes with your very own waifu: Let a Waifu File Your Taxes in This Anime Dating Sim.

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