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Whoops! EA Just Accidentally Revealed Apex Legends’ Next Legend Early

Respawn is probably going Ballistic over this mistake

by Daphne Fama
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Apex Legends’ Season 16, Revelry, is one of the few seasons where Respawn opted not to add a new champion, instead focusing on the evolving meta and quality updates for the game as a whole. But with the arrival of Season 17 around the corner, players have been waiting on pins and needles for the new Legend.

And it looks like we’ve gotten an early peek.

EA Revealed Apex Legends’ Next Legend Early

On April 20, 2023, the first trailers for Apex Legend’s new event, The Veiled Collection, went live. But sharp-eyed fans checking out the cosmetics and reward tracker on EA’s site were quick to note that there was a new face amongst all the new skins.

This new Legend, splashed across the top of the page on the site’s banner, featured an older man wielding a new type of gun.

And if you’re privy to some of the leaks that came out in January of this year, that face might be familiar. It’s believed that this new legend is Ballistic, a legend capable of using three weapons and enhancing others. Leaks also state that his tactical ability is the Smart Bullet.

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That would make sense for the gun he wields, as Titanfall players will recognize it to be the Smart Pistol. The Smart Pistol is an exceptionally powerful and iconic gun that has the unique ability to lock onto enemy combatants. Imagine a gun like that in the final ring of Apex Legends. But it’s the presence of these guns that gave rise to theories that Ballistic might be an older Jack Cooper.

As of right now, we have no real confirmation of the name of the Legend, his perks, or whether the Smart Pistol will be coming to Apex Legends or in what capacity. But with the Veiled Collection event premiering on April 25 and Season 17 on May 9, we’ll likely find out soon.

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