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Where to Find Atlas Skews Week 4 in Destiny 2

by Jesse Vitelli

It’s the final week of gathering Atlas Skews for the Tracing the Stars questline in Destiny 2. Here are the locations of the final atlas Skews and how to get them for week 4.

Where to Find Atlas Skews Week 4 in Destiny 2

Harbinger Cathedral 

This batch of skews is a little trickier to find than in previous weeks. That’s largely in part to the fact that they are found behind Taken portals scattered across The Dreaming City. To find the first Skew, head back to the location where you found the Skew by the Ahamkara Skulls last week. This is in Harbingers Seclude. 

Once you’ve reached the Ahamkara Skulls location look out to the cliffs behind you. On the right side, there will be a tunnel with a Taken portal. Head inside to grab the first Skew. 

Confluence Giant Crystal 

To get the next Atlas Skew you’ll need to head back to the Divalian Mists and go to the Spine of Keres. This can be accessed by taking your Sparrow through the middle and around the left-hand side. Keep going until you reach an area with Scourge and Taken before heading indie one of the temples. 

From here jump onto the rocks below and follow them around until you find another taken portal. Follow the hallways until you reach a giant purple crystal. The skew will be at the base of it. 

Confluence Throne Portal

Luckily for the next Atlas Skew, you won’t have to leave this area. Keep following the hallway until you reach an area with three possible exits. Directly ahead of you will be a doorway overtaken by black tree roots. Head inside to find another Skew in there.

Confluence Tree Triad

After grabbing that skew head back the way you came, but this time go through the door on your left-hand side to find another skew at the base of the tree.

Garden Giant Statue

There’s only one Atlas Skew left to find this week, and you’ll have to go back to the Divalian Mists. After fast traveling back, hop on your sparrow on go right through the cave leading to The Strand area of the Dreaming City. Keep going right and following the path leading you to the Garden of Esila. You’ll remember this location from Week 2 when there was an Atlas Skew by the big tree on the center platform.

Instead of going to the big tree this time head the opposite way and you’ll find a Taken portal in the center of the round room across from the tree. Head in the portal to find the final Atlas Skew. 

Congrats, you’ve found every Atlas Skew Destiny 2 has. Now it’s time to put them in their place one last time and unlock the questline for the new Exotic Aegr’s Scepter. 

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