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“Where are the Wells?” is a quest that takes players on a mission to discover 58 wells across Hyrule. Continue reading to find out how to initiate this quest, where to locate the wells, and the reward for finding all of them.

How to Start “Where Are the Wells” Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To begin the “Where are the Wells?” side quest, first find and talk to the well-enthusiast, Fera. She can usually be found in a well near one of the stables. It’s important to note that Fera often relocates between wells before setting out for a new one, so tracking her down may take some patience. However, she has been frequently seen within the wells by the Wetlands Stable, Tabantha Bridge Stable, and the Riverside Stable.

Once you’ve successfully located Fera, she will implore Link for assistance in locating the hidden wells scattered throughout Hyrule. As a token of appreciation, she generously offers to reward Link with 10 rupees for each well discovered. With the quest officially underway, Fera relocates to the Lookout Landing well where she eagerly awaits your findings.

Where to Find Wells in Tears of the Kingdom

The easiest-to-find wells are located near stables and other settlements. However, a significant number of wells are hidden away in abandoned areas, which can make tracking down all 58 wells quite challenging. If your primary goal is to locate these wells, using your sensor can make this quest much easier.

It’s important to note that you only have to position yourself close to the well’s entrance to discover it. It’s unnecessary to go all the way inside, but it’s worth noting that wells often conceal valuable resources such as ore deposits, rare materials, and potential quests, making them a worthwhile stop on your adventure.

All Well Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

The above map will help you track down all of the wells located around Hyrule. You can also find the associated wells and their coordinates in the tables below.

Lanayru Wetlands Well Locations

Well NameWell Location
Wetland Stables0085, -0194, 0026
Wetland Stables South0857, -0263, 0026
Lanayru Wetlands1220, -0363, 0010
Goponga Village Ruins1530, -0329, 0010
Zauz Island1435, -0135, 0010
Moor Garrison1542, 0171, 0009
Rikoka Hillas1715, -0650, 0023
Tabahl Woods2744, 0174, 0131

Central Hyrule Well Locations

Well NameWell Location
Hyrule Castle Town Ruins0061, 0545, 0027
Lookout Landing-0212, 0133, 0019
Mount Gustaf -0912, 0330, 0020
Carok Bridge-1040, 0415, 0035
Mabe Village-0067, -0160, 0025
Rebonae Bridge0785, 0007, 0031
Bottomless Pond0686, -0764, 0010
Riverside Stable0636, -1125, 0010
Aquame Lake-0877, -1102, 0021
Outskirt Stable-1459, -1297, 0033
Outskirt Hill-1680, -1351, 0122
Mount Daphnes-1316, -0625, 0009

Hyrule Ridge and Great Forest Well Locations

Well NameWell Location
New Serenne Stable Well-1357, 0701, 0085
Tabantha Bridge Stable-2957, 0533, 0170
Maritta Exchange Ruins-1812, 1620, 0106
Rowan Plain-1070, 2325, 0114
Irch Plain-0912, 1618, 0106
Elma Knolls-0672, 1354, 0088
Rauru Settlement Ruins0661, 1269, 0041
Woodland Stable1090, 1150, 0021

Akkala and Eldin Well Locations

Well NameWell Location
Foothill Stable2615, 1170, 0151
South Akkala Stable3197, 1717, 0202
Construction Site3717, 1585, 0090
Shadow Hamlet Ruins3057, 2309, 0334
East Akkala Stable4235, 2777, 0127

West and East Necluda Wells

Well NameWell Location
Kakariko Village1874, -1040, 0120
South Nabi0788, -1499, 0037
Deya Village Ruins North0315, -1854, 0010
Deya Village Ruins0320, -1928, 0012
Deya Village Ruins East0422, -2045, 0010
Deya Village Ruins South0339, -2099, 0027
Hills of Baumer0317, -2127, 0044
Popla Foothills North0592, -2102, 0095
Popla Foothills South0607, -2259, 0051
Dueling Peaks Stable1790, -1950, 0010
Lakeside Stable1537, -3550, 0064
Lurelin Village2939, -3378, 0015
Hateno Village North3420, -2031, 0137
Hateno Village West3358, -2050, 0118
Hateno Village East3513, -2151, 0130
Hateno Village South3383, -2212, 0134
Zelda Secret Well3302, -2299, 0130

Faron Grassland Wells

Well NameWell Location
Highland Stable0534, -3426, 0044
Haran Lakefront0393, -3385, 0050

Gerudo Wells

Well NameWell Location
Mount Nabooru-1721, -2235, 0036
Gerudo Canyon-2824, -2230, 0027
Kara Kara Bazaar-3232, -2610, 0023

Tabantha Region Well Locations

Well NameWell Location
Dronoc’s Pass-3830, 2107, 0142
Tabantha Village Ruins-2355, 1873, 0280
Snowfield Stable-1677, 2583, 0233

“Where are the Wells?” Quest Reward

As mentioned previously, Fera will reward you 10 rupees for every well you uncover, making your total earnings 580 rupees. After telling her about all the wells, she’ll also give you the All’s Well, which is a model of a well. While the item doesn’t appear to do anything, it’s still a nice surprise to get.

Since you’ll be visiting a few stables on your hunt for wells, don’t forget to look for other quests you can complete like the missing white goats at Tabantha Bridge Stable.

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