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When Will Destiny 2’s Lightfall Raid Release – Answered

What a vexing state of affairs

by Daphne Fama

The Season of the Seraph has seen a bit of a content drought these past two weeks, and veterans of Destiny won’t be surprised. But keep your eyes on the sky, Guardian. Lightfall is on the horizon, and this expansion promises to bring a new planet, a new arsenal of weapons, and, yes, even a new raid. But when will Lightfall’s raid in Destiny 2 release?

When Will Destiny 2’s Lightfall Raid Release – Answered

Bungie has been feeding us a fine drip of sneak peek content when it comes to Lightfall. We’ve seen glimpses of what is undoubtedly the next stage in human evolution, the Cloud Striders, a new subclass that will turn your Guardian neon green, and ample trailers about new weapons and abilities.

As for the raid, well, we’ve only gotten hints. What we know for sure is the raid release date: March 10, 2023. But what is it about?

Bungie has listed very limited information about the raid on their site. But on January 3, it was changed. Previously, the description read:

 “A haunting presence has been detected within [REDACTED].

Guardians must explore the mystery and discover everything they can about this threat.”

Now it reads:

“Ferried from an unknown time and place, a haunting presence has been detected. We must now confront the ancient threat growing at our doorstep.”

Time distortions are a specialty of the Vex, which we know will feature prominently in the Lightfall expansion. But is this a red herring? Would Bungie give us another Vex raid? Does the strange phrasing of “growing at our doorstep” imply the Black Garden?

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The speculation is endless, but to say I’m excited is an understatement. If you’d like to see some of the Lightfall weapons we’ve recently gotten a sneak peek at, check out the related article above.

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