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When is the Timeskip in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

by Nicholas Barth

The storytelling technique of a timeskip can be found in plenty of entertainment products, as it allows for creators to advance a story and its characters into the future instantly when needed. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is no stranger to this, as a significant timeskip occurs in the story of the popular Nintendo Switch game. With this Fire Emblem: Three Houses timeskip being a large portion of time, many players are interested in knowing what exact date it occurs on to be ready for when it arrives. If you are curious about when the timeskip is in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, be sure to check out the specific date of this significant event below. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – When is the Timeskip?

This significant passage of time in the Nintendo Switch title takes place on the date of 3/31. This date occurs following the player’s completion of the Battle of Garreg Mach in Part 1 of the game’s story. The time jump will then commence, and players will be thrust forward to Part 2 of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses story which takes place five years in the future. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses When is the Timeskip

As with any timeskip, there are many changes which occur during the time the game passed on by. Many of these changes deal with the characters of the game, as they have become five years older and are significantly different than their younger selves. 

Romance options will also become available for Fire Emblem: Three Houses players to pursue following the five-year-jump. 

The Faculty Training feature players could use to raise the stats of their character Byleth will be switched with the Advanced Drills feature following the completion of the timeskip in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Byleth also can be trained by any unit following the five-year-jump into the future. 

Knowing the date of when the timeskip happens in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will allow players to make sure they complete everything they wish to before the world of the popular game is changed forever in their adventure. 

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