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When is the MultiVersus Open Beta Closing? – Answered

The end of a chapter quickly approaches

by Madison Benson
When is the MultiVersus Open Beta Closing

For the past several months, many of us have enjoyed Multiversus’ free-to-play Open Beta, where we can try out dozens of characters and fight against other players. In a surprising turn of events, though, a recent announcement was released, telling everyone able to Open Beta closing for some time until the game is ready to launch officially. If you would like to learn more, continue reading to discover when the MultiVersus Open Beta is closing.

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When is the MultiVersus Open Beta Closing?

According to the official Open Beta update announcement, MultiVersus will close on June 25, 2023. Simply put, all online modes will close, and you’ll have some but very limited access to local matches. You can also access your characters and cosmetics during this time and even participate in the extended Season 2 Battle Pass, but you won’t be able to play against others actively. It’ll also be temporarily removed from online stores starting April 4, 2023.

How long will this last? Although there’s no set date yet, expect to wait several months.

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The update announcement mentions that the goal is to launch MultiVersus in early 2024 or at least six months after it closes. The game won’t receive any updates after April 4 and will be completely offline during this time. However, any progress and purchases you made beforehand will carry over to the 2024 release, so you don’t have to worry about rebuying everything.

During this downtime, the MultiVersus team plans to implement various features such as matchmaking improvements, progression system reworks, and new content. We can anticipate new maps and characters following the 2024 relaunch, but for now, no specifics are available.

MultiVersus is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 platforms through the official website.

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