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When is Soul Eater Coming to Lost Ark Global? – Answered


by Joe Greene
soul eater in lost ark

Recently announced at Lost Ark LOA ON Winter 2022, Soul Eater is a brand new female Assassin class that is slated to release next month to Lost Ark KR. While we do not have much info on Soul Eater just yet, we do know is that she looks absolutely stunning, wielding a massive scythe. Nevertheless, with Lost Ark Global receiving Artist in April 2023, players may wonder when they will be able to play Soul Eater. Without further ado, continue reading to learn when Soul Eater may be coming to Lost Ark Global.

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When is Soul Eater Coming to Lost Ark Global?

Long-time Lost Ark players will know there is often a large delay between Korea and Global advanced class releases. Since Artist has been confirmed to be coming to Global in April, Soul Eater likely won’t be coming any time soon.

However, some players speculate that because advanced classes seem to release on Global every 2-3 months, many players speculate that Soul Eater may come to Lost Ark Global around September or October 2023.

Of course, she may release a bit later, but players can likely expect to see Soul Eater sometime around Holiday 2023.

This is unfortunately how the cookie crumbles for Lost Ark Global players, and they will have to patiently wait to try out this (hot) new assassin.

Those aware that Artist’s release was delayed from early 2023 to April know that this may also impact Soul Eater’s release.

(Video via CrypticBoss on YouTube)

Check out the video above to watch Soul Eater’s announcement at LOA ON Winter 2022.

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We will be keeping an eye on any news regarding Soul Eater’s release for Lost Ark global, so keep checking back for any updates!

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