When Is Rashid Going to Be Added to Street Fighter 6 - Date Revealed

When Is Rashid Coming to Street Fighter 6? – Date Revealed

Return of the Turbulent Wind!

Street Fighter 6 is currently the best fighting game of 2023 and the competition will have to make a serious effort to topple it from that throne. Although very complete at its release the sequel to the legendary Capcom fighter still has a lot of upcoming additional content with its clearly defined expansion path for the first season. Of the several previously announced DLC characters, the first one is the well-known Middle Eastern fighter from Street Fighter V that will be added to the new game very soon. So, when is Rashid coming to Street Fighter 6? Let’s find out.

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Rashid’s Release Date for Street Fighter 6 Revealed

Rashid will be added to Street Fighter on July 24th. All owners of the Year 1 Character Pass will automatically receive it in the game after the update. This includes players with Deluxe as well as Ultimate versions of Street Fighter 6. If you still only have the Standard version of the game, you will be able to get Rashid as a standalone DLC, but also to try playing as him for free for a limited time through the new Rental Fighter system. If you managed to win some Rental Fighter tickets by completing challenges in the Fighting Pass, you should definitely save them for this occasion.

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In celebration of Rashid’s arrival in Street Fighter 6, a Rashid-themed Fighting Pass under the name “Rashid Arrives!” has been added, and you can unlock it for 250 Fighter Coins. This Fighting Pass will be available until July 23rd, and it contains numerous items and cosmetics that are inspired by the tech-savvy Middle Eastern fighter.

Rashid is just the first of four planned additional Fighters to be added to the game over the course of the year. A.K.I who I can only describe as a pale Chinese vampire is coming in Fall 2023, Ed will be added in Winter 2023, and the legendary Akuma won’t get his Street Fighter 6 version until Spring 2024.

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