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Who is Rashid’s Voice Actor in Street Fighter 6?

The Soaring Eagle of the Desert sure sounds familiar.

The first DLC character of Street Fighter 6’s year-one lineup is a familiar face – Rashid, the charming Middle-Eastern sensation, soars into the roster later this month, bringing the power of wind, good looks, and… live streaming? If his voice sounds strikingly similar to some you’ve heard in the past, well, it should. Let’s find out who Rashid’s voice actor is in Street Fighter 6.

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Ian Sinclair Returns as Rashid in Street Fighter 6

Rashid is voiced by none other than his returning actor – Ian Sinclair. The voice-acting veteran has been heard in countless other games, movies, and especially anime. Seriously, just take a look at his Wikipedia page. If you’ve watched anime in the last 15 years, you’ve likely heard the voice of Ian Sinclair in it.

Ian Sinclair, voice actor for Rashid

Sinclair was born in Dallas, TX, and has been voice acting since studying theatre in college. He’s also worked as an actor in both Dallas and Los Angeles and has even directed anime series like Spice and Wolf II, Black Butler I and II, and Initial D.

Some of his most major roles in anime include Toraji Ishida in Bamboo Blade, Brook in One Piece, Juzo Sakakura in the Danganronpa series, and Whis in Dragon Ball Super. In video games, you’ve certainly heard him voicing several characters in the Borderlands series, as Whis in many Dragon Ball games, and most recently, as Bunet in Fire Emblem: Engage and Capote in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Rashid will arrive in Street Fighter 6 on July 24, 2023 as the first DLC character since the game’s release. To prepare for his arrival, the new “Rashid Arrives!” battle pass is available now for 250 Fighter Coins, and contains a handful of premium cosmetics for your custom avatar, stickers, and emotes.

Once Rashid enters the roster, you may be wondering how to try him out before making the purchase. Check out our guide on the Rental Fighter system in Street Fighter 6 for more information!

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