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When is Project Zomboid Build 42 Coming Out? – Answered

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Project Zomboid has been on its Build 41 update for a good while by now, and players who have been following the game throughout the last few years are eager to know when the next update is finally dropping into the game, the so-promised Build 42. Here you’ll find more about its potential release date, so let’s get into it.

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When is The Project Zomboid Build 42 Release Date?

As of now, there’s no official release date for Build 42, but some fans on Reddit have speculated it to be out in 2024 at its earliest. While Build 41 dates all the way back to December 2021 for its official release (with beta testing dating from way earlier), it seems like Build 42 is a little bit bigger than that last update, and thus requires some extra time to be ready.

According to the roadmap, the goal is to expand on the game’s current crafting system, as well as introduce some balance updates to certain strategies on character creation. One of the most recent blog posts from The Indie Stone relating to Build 42 dates all the way back to December 2022, so it’s been a good while since they gave us any update.

Project Zomboid Build 42 Roadmap
Image via The Indie Stone

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Some of the new features include adding some of the changes that couldn’t make the cut in Build 41, such as a revamped key system, new fire mechanics, a fishing minigame, and more overall polishing on the game’s visuals. Animals are also stated to be added in 42, but with very limited interaction. The update was originally planned to be the “hunting update”, but these mechanics are also being postponed indefinitely.

So all that’s left is to be a little bit more patient and wait until this new upcoming build is ready to be released to the public. The official blog is still being updated from time to time, so checking it once in a while is always the best way to know if there’s anything new about the next big update in Project Zomboid.

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