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How to Get Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41


by Nikola L

In Project Zomboid, you have the “usual” goal of surviving against the hordes of zombies and you have the opportunity to create your very own personal zombie apocalypse shelter. Of course, you’ll need sheets in order to increase the defense capabilities of your home and to boost your chances of surviving. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to obtain sheets in Project Zomboid.

How to Farm Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

There are a few uses for sheets in Project Zomboid. One of them is to make bandages so that you can heal yourself, and the other is to cover the house windows so that the undead cannot easily spot you. However, in order to create bandages, you need ripped sheets, which you can get by either ripping actual sheets or by ripping random clothes that you find. This is why we would recommend you save the undamaged sheets for blocking your windows since it’s far easier to find and rip random clothes around the city. Also, it’s possible to make a Sheet Rope that you can use to Rapunzel your way in and out of your home, and ripped sheets are a mandatory ingredient for a Molotov Cocktail.

Where to Find Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

Sheets are usually found in bedrooms (wardrobes) and bathrooms. It’s a hit and miss because they don’t spawn in every one so you’ll need to go through entire neighborhoods sometimes. Also check for curtains around windows because if you take them off, you’ll get a sheet. Garages can contain sheets within boxes on the shelves too. And don’t forget to check furniture in every room!

How to Craft Sheets in Project Zomboid Build 41

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t made this possible yet, and this is currently doable only with unofficial mods to the game that you can find on Steam Workshop. We hope that this will be an official possibility in the future.

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