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Project Zomboid: All Britas Weapon Pack Weapons Listed

A whole new arsenal to play with!

Much of the gameplay in Project Zomboid revolves around being quiet while looting and moving from your safe house to the latest loot location, as firearms alert every zombie in the area. But sometimes you want to clear out the hordes and free Kentucky, which is why the Britas Weapon Pack in Project Zomboid remains so popular. Here’s every weapon in Britas Weapon Pack in Project Zomboid listed.

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All Britas Weapon Pack Weapons in Project Zomboid

The base game of Project Zomboid features a relatively sizable selection of firearms to play around with, but nothing compares to Britas Weapon Pack. You’re looking at hundreds of new weapons to play around with. From handguns to sniper rifles to rotating grenade launchers, this expansion-size mod features a plethora of zombie-killing tools to mess about with!


Berretta M9Beretta M9A3Beretta 93RBeretta 85FGlock 21
Glock 17Glock 18Taran Tactical Glock 34Glock 42CZ-75
CZ-97BWalther PPKRuger LCP .380 ACPS&W Bodyguard 380S&W M5906
S&W M52S&W M4506USFA ZIP .22FN Five-SeveNFN Five-SeveN Mk 2
KelTec CP33Colt 1903MakarovMakarov 380Makarov PB
.44 AutomagColt M1911Kimber Desert WarriorColt CommanderStar B Model
Auto-Ordnance M1911A1APS StechkinAMT Hardballer Long-SlideAMT HardballerColt Service
S&W M327 TRR8Colt M1911A1 CarbineRuger GP100S&W Model 500Taurus 513 Long
Taurus 512Chiappa Rhino 60DSColt Navy 1851Taurus 856Kimber K6S
Sig Sauer P226Sig Sauer P220Springfield XD4Springfield XD45M1895 Nagant
Revolver CarbineBrowning Buckmark CarbineBrowning BuckmarkBrowning Buckmark SilhouetteH&K HK4
S&W M&P9S&W M&P45Desert EagleLightning Hawk .50AELuger P08
Luger P08 CarbineLuger P08 ArtilleryS&W Model 30 Hush PuppyDesert Eagle 10 inchH&K USP
H&K USP MatchH&K MK23S&W Model 39H&K VP70


  • Project Zomboid Britas Shotguns
  • Project Zomboid Britas Shotguns 2
Remington 11-87Winchester M1897Franchi SPAS-12Remington M870 WingmasterRemington M870 Police Magun
Remington M870 MarineRemington M870 ExpressViper G2Browning AUTO5Benelli Monte Feltro
Remingston M870MCSRemington M870 MCS CQBRemington M870 BreachSerbu Super ShortyBeretta A400 Xcel Multitarget
Ithaca Model 37MP-133MP-133 Pistol GripTOZ-194KS-23
KS-23MChiappa Arms Triple CrownStoeger 12G CoachgunWinchester M1887Beretta DT11
TXS-804Cobray TerminatorsTOZ-106Benelli M4 Super 90TTI Benelli M4
Mossberg 500H&H Royalty SXSColt Model 1855UTS-15Franchi SPAS-15
SRM ARMS M1208SRM ARMS M1212SRM ARMS M1218SIX 12 SD Modular ShotgunSIX12 Modular Shotgun
Armsel StrikerAtchisson AA-12Kel-Tec KSGKel-Tec KSG 25H&K CAWS
Fostech Origin 12Daewoo USAS-12SAIGA-12 Tromix KitSaiga-12Saiga-12 Hunting


SV-98K-14Harris Gunworks .50 BMGDragunov SVDSMacMilan TAC-50
Serbu BGF .50Mosin Nagant 1891/30Mosin Nagant ObrezWinchester Model 1908Winchester Model 1866
Winchester Model 1897Winchester Model 1895 SBLMarlin Model 1894Viper Lever Action RifleM2 Carbine
M1 CarbineDe Lisle CommandoRuger No. 1Springfield M1903Arisaka Typ 99
Arisaka Type 38M1 GarandSavage 12 FTRMAS-49MAS-44
MAS-36Marlin M70Single Shot RifleMy 1st RifleRuger 10/11
Sako 85Thompson Center Encore Pro HunterRemington M40Remington M40A1Remington M40A2
Remington M40A3Thai Mauser RS 121L115A1Walther WA2000EDM Mdl 90 Wind Runner
Barret M82 A1OTs-03LAR Grizzly Big BoarH&K MSG-90H&K PSG-1
Gepard M6 Lynx

Submachine Guns

  • Project Zomboid Britas SMGs
  • Project Zomboid Britas SMGs 2
Kriss VectorKriss Vector 9MMKriss Vector MLOK RailKriss Vector 22 MK11Kriss Vector 22 CRB
MPA57 DMGMPA5700 DMG CarbineH&K MP7Kel-Tec SUB2000TEC9
TTI MPXB&T TP380JatimaticIngram Mac 10CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1
H&K UMP9H&K UMP45M2 HydeReising Model 55Reising Model 50
H&K MP5A2H&K MP5A3H&K MP5 SD6Thompson 1928Thompson M1
FN P90 TRFN PS90Colt M635SColt Mg35SDColt M635
Sten Mk 1Sten Mk2IMI UziCalico M900Calico M950
Calico M100IMI Micro UziVz61STAR Model Z-45American-180

Assault Rifles

  • Project Zomboid Britas Assault Rifles
  • Project Zomboid Britas Assault Rifles 2
  • Project Zomboid Britas Assault Rifles 3
  • Project Zomboid Britas Assault Rifles 4
TavorL85 A1L85 A2L96 A1L22 A1
AS VALVSS VintorezDaewoo K1Daewoo K7Daewoo K1 Devgru
Daeoo K2Daewoo K2 K203S&T Motiv K2C1 PoliceS&T Motiv K2C1H&K XM8
H&K XM8 Compact CarbineH&K XM8 LMGFN FNCHOWA Type 64HOWA Type 89
HOWA Type 20Mk47 MutantAK5CXM177 E2Colt M723
Colt M16A1Colt M16Colt M16A3Colt M16A2Colt M16A1 M203
Colt CAR-15 SurvivalColt CAR-15 SMGADAR 2-15Colt M4/M4A1Bushmaster XM15
TR-1 IltralightAAC Honey BadgerBushmaster XM15 CustomBushmaster MOE CarbineCarbon Type 97
Sig Sauer MCX VirtusSig Sauer MCX Virtus PatrolSig Sauer MCX Virtus SpearSig Sauer MCS USSOCOMH&K G36C
H&K G36H&K G36ERuger Mini 14Styer AUG 9mmStyer AUG
Armalite AR18H&K G11K3AK-74AKS-74RPG-74
AK-103AKMSAMSAK-74 AlphaAK-12
AK-12 2016AK-308RPK-16Zastava M85IMI Galil Sniper
IMI Galil ARMAKM CustomAKM-74M CustomFN FAL 50.63FN FAL 50.00
H&K G28H&K FK416OTs-14-4AOts-14-1A-01OTs-14-1A-02
OTs-14-4A-01Ots-14-4AOTs-14-4A-03S&T Motiv K11ASH12.7
M1918 BARColt MonitorH&K G3H&K G33TAC-15 Crossbow
LVOA-CM14M14 EBRBarret M468SKS

Support Weapons

M240M60Mk.43 Mod 1PKMH&K HK21
MG42M249 E2M249 E3Daewoo K2S&T Motiv K12
RPDFedral Grenade LauncherM32China LakeKAC M203
GM-94M-134 MinigunBoring Company FlamethrowerM2 FlamethrowerRPG-7

Britas Weapon Pack always has new content, with most updates introducing new weapons, attachments, or mechanics. It’s worth subscribing to on Steam Workshop!

Recommended Weapons in Brita’s Weapon Pack

With so many new and unique weapons in Project Zomboid to choose from, how do you pick just one or two for daily use?

We recommend the following weapons:

  • Beretta M9A3
  • Glock 17
  • Springfield XD54
  • Benelli M4 Super 90
  • Mossberg 500
  • H&K MP5 SD2
  • M240
  • M249 E2
  • AAC Honey Badger
  • Colt M16A3
  • AKM
  • H&K HK416

That should help you narrow down the many weapons available in Brita’s Weapon Pack!

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