When Is Nicolas Cage Coming to Dead by Daylight – Answered

Nicolas Cage mains are languishing

Dead by Daylight has had some truly iconic killers and survivors come into the game. And yet, there’s no doubt that one survivor in particular will be making huge waves the moment he enters the realm. I’m talking, of course, about Nicolas Cage. Here’s when you can expect to play him in Dead by Daylight.

When Is Nicolas Cage Coming to Dead by Daylight – Answered

The very concept of Nicolas Cage coming to Dead by Daylight feels unhinged. The household name that we all grew up with in our beloved and ridiculous asymmetrical horror game? And yet, it’s happening! Nicolas Cage will make his grand debut on June 21, during the Dead by Daylight Anniversary Event.

During the Summer Game Fest, Nicolas Cage delved deeper into the character all survivors will soon be maining. “I play this heightened, exaggerated version of a film actor named Nic Cage,” Nicolas Cage said on stage, “and he’s going to a location thinking he’s making a movie, and instead he wakes up in The Fog. And in The Fog he’s surrounded by crows and serial killers, and it’s rather amusing.”

Amusing. A hellish dimension where you’re caught in an eternal struggle for survival, and Nicolas Cage calls it amusing. That’s why we love him.

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So far, we’ve yet to get a peek at the perks Nicolas Cage will bring to the table. But whether his perks will be meta-defining or absolute hot garbage, I know I’ll be running him in every survivor game from the moment he releases on June 21 to the end of time.

Dead by Daylight is branching out in big ways later this year and beyond. From a single player game to a big screen debut. Check out more about Dead by Daylight’s planned movie here: Dead by Daylight Is Slashing onto the Big Screen With Blumhouse and Atomic Monster.

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