When is Geometry Dash 2.2 Update Coming Out? – Answered

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geometry dash update 2.2 sneak peak

Geometry Dash has been out for over 10 years at this point (released on August 13, 2013), and yet players are still absolutely thrilled for the next upcoming update, Update 2.2. This update is significant because it marks the first update to Geometry Dash in almost seven years! If you’re waiting impatiently for Update 2.2 like everyone else, the wait will be over soon. Let’s get into it with the Geometry Dash 2.2 Update release explained!

Geometry Dash Update 2.2 Release Explained

After almost seven years of waiting, Update 2.2 for Geometry Dash is finally scheduled to be released this month, October 2023. This news comes from Geometry Dash’s 10-Year Anniversary post on YouTube.

Release Date Confirmation from RobTop (Image via RobTopGames on YouTube)

Update 2.2 had multiple planned release dates, one being before Christmas 2020 and the other before the end of 2022. Obviously, this didn’t work out, however, this announcement is much more official than other announcements, and most players are confident that this October release date is to stay.

After a few sneak peaks from RobTop and other community data-mined content, Geometry Dash players speculate that Update 2.2 will be the biggest update in the game’s history. This is not a shocking realization, of course, as players have been waiting over half of the game’s total lifespan for this update to come out.

Players are so hyped for this update that a few Redditors have stated that they have literally had dreams about 2.2 releasing, which is… quite passionate to say the least.

Since we don’t know the exact day and time that RobTop is dropping Update 2.2, it is important to check back here as I discover more information.

Some players are joking around that it will drop on October 22 due to the obvious play on the fact that it is Update 2.2, which would be a funny little joke by RobTop, but of course, this is completely unsubstantiated as of now.

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