2020 has officially arrived and brought plenty of excitement to the League of Legends community. The reason for this excitement is the upcoming arrival of the start date for Season 10 of the game, where competitive players will be able to show off their skills once again as they climb the ranks of the fan-favorite MOBA. Fortunately, we have the official start date for Season 10 covered for you.

When Does League of Legends Season 10 Start?

Players will be able to begin their rise to the highest of competitive ranks for the popular game starting on the date of January 10th. The official start date for Season 10 of the well-known esports title was revealed to the community when the official Twitter account for the game posted the image found below:

 League of Legends Season 10 Start Date

The official Season 10 start date graphic for the title was also accompanied by another image that looks to be a teaser for a new piece of content based on the MOBA. Whatever this unique piece of content is, there is no doubt that January 10th will be a fascinating time for players and a great way to kick off the early days of 2020. 

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