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League of Legends Aphelios Abilities Kit

by Nicholas Barth

It is always an exciting time in the League of Legends community when Riot Games reveals a new champion that will soon become available for players to use on the rift. Aphelios is the latest addition to the MOBA’s roster that Riot Games has announced, and he looks to be ready to bring some adrenaline-fueled action to the title. There are plenty of players who are curious about what abilities kit Aphelios will bring to the table. Fortunately, we have the abilities kit for the new League of Legends character covered for you. 

League of Legends Aphelios Abilities Kit

It is safe to say that Aphelios is not your ordinary League of Legends champion. One of the first things that you will notice about his League of Legends abilities kit is that he can use five different weapons in combat. These five kit weapons and their official descriptions can be found below:

  • Calibrum, the Rifle – “When abilities deal damage with Calibrum, they mark enemies hit. Aphelios can right-click marked enemies anywhere on the map to follow up with a basic attack from his off-hand weapon (or his non-Calibrum weapon, in cases where he swaps Calibrum to his off-hand before firing). This attack detonates other nearby marks for bonus damage against the marked targets.”
  • Severum, the Scythe Pistol – “Severum is a sustain weapon that heals Aphelios for a portion of the damage it deals. Overhealing from Severum is converted into a small shield.”
  • Gravitum, the Cannon – “Gravitum is a utility weapon that applies a decaying slow to enemies.”
  • Infernum, the Flamethrower – “Infernum is an AoE/waveclear weapon. It deals increased basic attack and ability damage and creates a damage cone behind enemies hit.”
  • Crescendum, the Chakram – “Crescendum is a close-range DPS weapon that behaves like a boomerang. Once Aphelios basic attacks with Crescendum, he can’t attack again until it returns to him, but his attack resets when it does. Attack speed increases Crescendum’s travel speed instead. The closer Aphelios is to his target, the less distance Crescendum has to travel—and the faster Aphelios can attack.”

However, Aphelios can not switch to any specific weapon from his abilities kit whenever he wants. Each of his weapon abilities has 50 ammo, and they will turn to the next one in line when he runs out of ammo for the one he is currently using. Each of the weapons goes to the end of the line following their use to recharge. Players can switch weapon abilities with the W key. 

League of Legends Aphelios Abilities

Each of the League of Legends weapon abilities for Aphelios consists of the main attack and a Q key ability that provides a boost in various areas. Each of the Q abilities for Aphelios provides bonus attacks and effects based on the weapon he has equipped in his off-hand. All of the Q abilities for Aphelios cost players mana and ammo to use and have their cooldown. 

You can find the Q abilities for each of the League of Legends weapons that Aphelios can use from his kit below:

  • Calibrum, the Rifle: Moonshot – fire a skillshot that damages the first unit hit and marks them
  • Severum, the Scythe Pistol: Onslaught – gain movement speed and rapidly fire your main-hand and off-hand weapons at the nearest enemy, prioritizing champions. 
  • Gravitum, the Cannon: Eclipse – damage and root all enemies on the map effected by Gravitum’s slow. 
  • Infernum, the Flamethrower: Duskwave – spot a wave of flame, damaging enemies. Then basic attack all enemies with your off-hand weapon. 
  • Crescendum, the Chakram: Sentry – deploy a turret that shoots the nearest target with your off-hand weapon. 

Aphelios automatically learns his Q and R abilities from his kit, which means his 18 level-up points are instead directed towards his stats and not his abilities. The stat areas affected are attack damage, attack speed, and bonus armor penetration. 

Finally, the ultimate from the unique League of Legends character’s kit is known as Moonlight Vigil and fires a moon bomb towards his enemies, which explodes on the first hit. Aphelios can then follow up with enhanced attacks on any League of Legends enemy that is caught in the Moonlight Vigil explosion. 

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