With the recent announcement that everyone's favorite high-octane pastime in Destiny 2 is returning soon, Guardians have all been looking forward to actually wrapping up the latest seasonal proceedings so that we can jump right into the action. Yes, that's right. Trials of Osiris will return on March 13, and it's got us all wondering the same thing: when does Destiny 2 Season 9 end? Surely before then, no? Well, we've got a date narrowed down for you so read on if you're wanting to know what the cut-off date is to prep for all the upcoming action.

When Does Destiny 2 Season 9 End?


Now, while it was initially all estimations and speculation, Bungie has confirmed that the Season of Dawn will officially end on March 9 this year. That's a cool few days before Trials of Osiris come out, so we're wondering exactly how it's all going to tie in to the story of the new Season of the Worthy and honestly, we can't wait. While we're still a little in the dark about how everything's going to pan out with the Polarized Fractaline that we've been collecting and we're not really any closer to figure out the impact of what we're now doing in the tail end of Season 9 to push things forward, we're no less excited. The content map on the official Bungie website has Crimson Days down as the very last actual roadmap event for the Season and as Guardians will know, that's all come and gone. Now, it's back to sitting on our hands and waiting for the next content drop! 

Now that you've got a little bit more information, hopefully we've answered any questions you might have about when does Destiny 2 Season 9 end. It's really not far away (just over a week, actually) so if you're wanting to get caught up on everything then you've got limited time to cram it all in. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together to assist Guardians just like you: