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Destiny 2 Worthy Quest Guide – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The time that the Destiny 2 community has been waiting for finally arrived on February 25th when the Empyrean Foundation Stage 7 Fractaline donation goal was reached. This achievement revealed that the fan-favorite PVP game mode of Trials of Osiris will be coming back next season and is bringing some changes from when it was last available for fans of the looter-shooter to play. Guardians were able to see their hard work pay off in person when it came to the signaling of the Return of Trials of Osiris thanks to the new Worthy Quest that was added into the title with the completion of the Empyrean Foundation. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about this Worthy Quest covered for you.

Destiny 2 Worthy Quest

Players can find this quest in the tower, and it provides the description of “Provide tremendous support toward the Restoration effort and rekindle the Lighthouse to usher in a new age of Guardians.”

Once Destiny 2 players activate this activity, they are sent into orbit and then travel to Mercury. A cutscene then plays that shows your Guardian walking up and placing their Lantern of Osiris Artifact into the center of a structure that sends a beam of light into the sky and signals the lighting of the Lighthouse area for Trials of Osiris.

 Destiny 2 Worthy Quest

(photo courtesy of JustTurrble via YouTube)

Unfortunately, that is all that happens when it comes to the Worthy Quest. Players will not have to do anything else but let the cutscene play out on Mercury to complete the Worthy Quest. Now, the community waits for the official return of Trials of Osiris in the Season of Worthy next month. 

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